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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Pride Mass Ride Friday

Well, July sure sweltered by quickly, is it already time for another last friday of every month mass?

This Friday
July 28
meet at vancouver art gallery
5:30pm leave 6pm
all self propelled peoples welcomed
bike, skate, blade, uni, trike...

reclaim the streets for fun, peaceful, social debate.

this months ride is the pride ride queer theme. so dress up and be fabulous.
more details will be posted soon. Obviously the ride route this month will HAVE to go through davie and dennman. Commercial drive? It is so far but we didn't make it last month as planned.

after party is already planned for the ANZA club, check out the worklessparty website for details I think [conrad set up the pedalfusion URL for that which was supposed to be permanent but that seems to not be working]. pre rides from east van leave from grandview park. from UBC bike kitchen. And maybe from SFU bike shop?

pictures from a traveller attending last july's CM during pride week

Take pride in your human powered vehicle. You don't have to be a homo to ride [obviously, critical mass is always open to all comers] but you do have to be GAY.

This ride will probably seem small in comparison to last months june critical massive. nice and mellow. lets take the opportunity with all the supportive communities converging and positive energy to be really radical in a mellow way. We have hard political problems to solve, highway expansion, global warming, oil wars, cyclist vs. car road rage. we need all the intelligence we can muster. be creative and proud, show it off!


  • At 12:42 am, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm curious. Are we registered with the Vancouver Pride Society to use the word Pride in the event name. Apparently there is a license on the word "Pride" for an event title this year ie. The word is copyright and only official Pride events are allowed to use it. I ask not as a member of VPS but as a reporter with covering that story. I WILL be in the ride today though Stephen Emery

  • At 3:12 am, July 28, 2006, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    That is a funny question.

    No we are not registered. I do not whatsoever agree with the intellectual private property enclosure movement [see my anticopyright policy]. It saddens me to hear that a great social justice organisation such as Pride would cooperate with such a nefarious agenda.

    That said, I don't think that perticulat evil is their goal. Ifny mentioned talking to some organiser of pride about it and I think they weren't so badly serious like that. They just wanted the $20 [$50? I don't remember anymore] registration fee to be included in their guides. And it is a good cause to support in my opinion plus cheap advertising.

    I am not critical Mass, though I do make this blog [mostly, it is open to others]. Others are welcome to register Critical Mass promotion with pride. It's a funny idea since CM is not an organisation to begin with so how could we agree on what to say.

    In any case, too late for this year. I think it is great that people are coming together with bikes and pride and all that. More coming together of people and less division!

    pride is also a neutral term in some ways. It does imply queer but not enforce it.

    all these terms are so political and so debateable.

    basically I and many others are making some efforts to welcome queers and allies to celebrate bicycles and human transportation with us. This months ride is a regular monthly ride and there will be all sorts. A rainbow of sorts!

    queers with gears


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