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harper=hitler;your national emergency

canada is going police state before your eyes in that patented sneaky
canadian style.NOW is the time to get OFF your 24/7 party and get it
together.the canadian middle class needs an effective wake-up call fron
CANADIAN progressives,they won't listen to americans on this particular issue.

things can,and probably will,slide very are MUCH LESS PREPARED
than you'all may believe! talk to first nations people and
"outgroups"a.s.a.p. and make as many alliances as you can as quickly as
possible!the nazis are about to RUMBLE and detect no effective

PLEASE remember the discomforts you'all felt because of me;THIS is what i
was warning you about back in the day.the evil experiments always begin
with poordisabledhomeless and go from there.the messenger is often seen as
51-50 and dismissed as what?you ARE IN DANGER!i'm BEGGING you to
drop the discomforts and PROTECT each other.forget about me and love
yourselves.bless you'all! barnett


*Please Note: The opinions of users posted here on the CM vancouver blog represent only themselves. Many may disagree. Barnett is a very sweet man who lives outside on the street and has a more dramatic way of writing things than you may be use to. Though you may not agree with all of his hyperbole, his viewpoint is valid and his different perspective is one we can all learn from.


  • At 2:37 pm, April 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thank you for placing my cry on the forum!
    it's necessary to pimp myself out to my inner coward and stay down phone call can put me back in north fraser where the nazis can get another inmate to waste me.last time in i had to go protective custody because a new cellie started crap and said he'd burn me during lockin.i suspect setup on that,and another opportunity seems imprudent!
    i miss you'all huge and would be open to suggestions on how to get together with you'aal in a safer manner.god bless!barnett


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