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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


April 28th Critical Mass

April 28th Friday
The Last Friday of this Month
Critical Mass Roll them Rocks

5:30pm Gather 6pm Ride Together
Bicycle, Skate, Stroll, Push, Pull, Play
Leave from Vancouver Art Gallery, destination?
Costumes, Commuter, Public Space Celebration

Protestation vs. Highway Expansion Bluff Blowing up?
NO, there is alternatives:
"Cars are NOT the Future!"
--my engineering friend

Ride together, Ride Strong:
Plan for building up the June 30th Critical Massive
last year 1200+ riders... 20,000 +6 Wheels Ride?
Let's agree on planning meeting at this April Ride

Pre-CM-Rides: Are they still going on?
meet 4PM-ish Grandview Park on Commercial Drive
meet 4PM-ish UBC Bike Kitchen SUB Building 827-7333
then ride together to meet the main mass downtown

Pre-Friday Mass: Certainly is going on.
Thursday April the 27th
midnight mass bike ride.
meet up at Grandview Park at 11:45,
roll at midnight!


Post-Ride Dance Party
Friday April 28th
Velo Fusion, a celebration of Vancouver's vibrant bicycle community. Bike
Movies, Bicycle Burlesque, Dubfreque, Bands, Dj's, Improv, Dancing and more Dancing.
7:30 - 9 pm Bike Movies...
9pm - 2am (Lots of craziness)
#3 west 8th: The Anza club
Cost $6.oo 100% Fundraiser for
much needed Momentum Magazine.

- -- --o)

(exit 2 off of Highway 1)


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