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Spartacus Party / Walk for Clean Air

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Hey everyone,

Spartacus Books, after 31 years, burnt down in april of 2004... But we are reopening in september, GODDAMN! Thats right, and to celebrate we are having a party:

    • Spartacus Books is Burnin' Down The House!
      Friday, September 9th
      7pm @ the
      Anza Club
    • (Corner of Ontario & Eight Ave)

With performances by:

DJ Party Bangs, DJ Abadie, DJ OhMyGod!!, MC E-Hawk, +others

  • Also :
    Team Makeout will have a kissing booth
    Info tables from a bunch of groups
    The bicycle smoothie machine
    Performance from the Work Less Party

For more info on Spartacus Books go to:
or contact:

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BEST Run for Clean Air
10km Run/5km Walk

  • Sunday, September 11, 2005
    Central Valley Greenway at Burnaby Lake
  • $35 by 6 PM Sept. 10 . $40 day of the run
  • race time: 10 AM sharp
    race day registration: 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Join us for a 10km run or 5km walk on a beautiful, flat, green, forested
trail suitable for the whole family as well as the dedicated runner. When
you do, you'll be supporting clean air.

Sign up for the BEST Run for Clean Air today. You'll breathe easier knowing
you are raising awareness about clean-air travel solutions. Participants
will enjoy plenty of great prizes, food, and gifts - plus, you'll just have
lots of fun doing it!

We take for granted the air we breathe. But for thousands of British
Columbians with breathing problems, air quality is a matter of life and
death. Seventy-five per cent of air pollution in the region comes from motor

At Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) we want people to use
the great routes that are coming our way, like the Central Valley Greenway.
When it's finished, cyclists, runners, and walkers will enjoy the Greenway,
which will stretch from Science World past Burnaby Lake to the New
Westminster Quay. That's 22 kilometers of trail!

Run. Walk. Stroll.
Just give it your BEST!

Info and registration: 604-669-->2860
B.E.S.T. website for the run

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