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Clitoral Mass A.19

last time we had an all-female mass

was four years ago during bikesummer

it's been way too long

to HONOUR ALL of us,
and the full moon,

we are having a:

"clitoral mass" [the Lunar Cycle]

! women of all ages and stages are welcomed !

  • when: FRIDAY 19 AUGUST, meet at 5:30 pm for socialising and announcements wheel at 6 pm into the streets
  • where: LIONNESS and fountain side [northeast] of the vancouver art gallery, georgia and howe/hornby sts
  • who: ALL FEMALE and female-identifying cyclists, bladers, boarders --- anything self-propelled on wheels
we'll do a "matriarchal mass" through the vancouver streets in the style of critical mass, and then join up with any and all male celebrants for an:

. o O o .

"AFTERMASS" [with the boy groupies]
7:30ish PM onwards
on the beach adjacent to the jericho sailing centre
at the foot of discovery st
cycle the "seaside route" along the water
men & women & in-between, no carbon-burning vehicles please
relaxed seaside celebration, bring sharable snacks and beverages
suggestions: yummy fruit, fair trade chocolate, vino...
less garbage is good, b.y.o. mug, etc.
[jericho sailing centre also has a licensed,
'casual' restaurant open 'til 10]
PLEASE CIRCULATE to any and all fab females you know in the greater vancouver area, and invite any charming bicycle-boys to meet us on the beach

  1. More Information
  2. Print this Poster and Propagate!

cheers and gears,


  • At 7:23 pm, August 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey all,

    I am stoked for our clitoral mass bike ride, really looking forward to riding with the ladies.

    Because we'll be riding on a full moon (in Aquarius), a time of fullness, power and perfection, I propose that for those who are so inclined, we do a simple ritual at the end of our ride (men included!) to honour the moon, the earth, the goddess and god within us all and our connectedness to the universe. Please offer your suggestions ­ my intention is to celebrate the light, life and loveliness we embody as bike-tastic babes!!!

    See you tomorrow,


  • At 7:24 pm, August 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    just there a "dress code" or anything for this? I guess what
    I'm asking is anyone going to be dressing up at all or wearing anything goddesslike, etc. which gives me more of an excuse to do so...

    [the only way to make up for being over-dressed is being over-educated (says Oscar Wilde) and I'm not sure I'm that second one....!!]


  • At 7:25 pm, August 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was just thinking that earlier!

    What to wear?
    Is it possible to combine comfort and flamboyance?

    I'm probably going to ride my chopper (broken bottom bracket on other bike -
    not that I need an excuse) so I invite other chopper-riders to get your bike
    freak on and yeah, dressing up is always good - though I don't think it's
    ever mandatory.

    If you want company in being out of the casual zone - I will join you in
    some dressing-up.



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