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6th Annual Wholesome Undy!

Wholesome Undie Rides Sunday, August 14

VANCOUVER, BC -- On Sunday, August 14, in celebration of the departure of the Molson Indy from Vancouver, the sixth annual Wholesome Undie "Victory Ride" will take to the streets of Vancouver with the rallying cry: "less gas, more ass!".

Please gather for the Wholesome Undie at 12 noon at the gazebo in Creek Side Park, just south of Science World (Quebec and Terminal), there will be a media briefing at 12:30 p.m. Racers will tune their machines and do final race inspections. At 1:00 p.m. the team of Undie Riders will roll through the streets. The ride will occupy the roadway, not blocking traffic because... WE ARE TRAFFIC.

Slow Sexy and Smart, the Wholesome Undie features riders on bicycles, skateboards, and rollerbladers -- dressed in their undies!

The Wholesome Undie got rid of the Molson Indy with its fearsome undie power. Apparently, the motorized mega-event was so scared of our underwear they'd rather leave town than see us in it. By revealing the beauty of their natural assets, Undie riders hope to stiffen resistance (lubricate opposition?) to the Province's highway expansion plans. Now, it's time to get rid of the proposed Highway 1 freeway expansion -- the Gateway Project -- No motorway through East Van!

Undie racers will re-claim the streets with their elegant, inexpensive, human-powered vehicles. Instead of the roar of combustion engines, they will serenade the city with bells, songs and raps, and the whisper of fine lingerie. The Undie won't cause any pollution, since Undie racers emit only natural gas. Undie vehicles don't go as fast, but they go in style.

The winner will be presented the fabulous and coveted Undie D-Cup by race officials.

The Wholesome Undie encourages people to get back to basics, and reminds this region that STREETS ARE FOR PEOPLE, NOT CARS. Wholesome Undie riders say "Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines!"

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  • At 6:30 pm, August 14, 2005, Blogger JenVirtual said…

    CTV did us proud for coverage of the 2005 Wholesome Undy ride. We got about 2 minutes starting out with Lee signing his tune, some close butt in undie shots then long shot of us riding away. Good humour by the newscaster including the message about our opposition to the highway espansion.


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