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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Map of Route to Chilliwack CM

Here are PDF maps of the route we plan to take to get to the Freyman Farm in Chilliwack tommorrow, Tommorrow {Thursday}. To Ride in Fridays Chilliwack Critical Mass Memorial Ride.
Here is the route that we plan to take to get to chilliwack.
the Central Valley Greenway (Nanaimo to Grandview Hwy, Slocan, 12 Av E, Hebb, to Lillooet, onto the railroad right of way, Gilmore, Still Creek Drive, Still Creek Ave, Douglas, Goring, Lougheed, Winston, Government, Cariboo Rd, Cariboo Place, Brunette River trail, North Rd, path through Huyme Park to Braid Station, Braid Street, over the Bailey Bridge to United Boulevard, then along to MarryHill Bypass, beside MaryHill to Shaughessy, to the trail parralel to Mary Hill Bypass, (note that we will stop at the Gillnetter Pub for lunch at 1864 Argue Street) to the Pitt River Dyke to Pitt River Bridge, then Dewdney Trunk Rd, Harris, Lougheed, 207, River Rd, Haney Bypass, Lougheed, Abbotsford Mission Highway, Sumas Way, South Parallel Road, No 3 rd, Interprovincial Hwy, No2 Road, Keith Wilson, Vedder, Promontory, Chilliwack, Bailey, Prest, Chilliwack central, Banford, Yale, Armstrong.


Friday, July 1st
[First Friday Of The Month]
11am, 5 Corners, Downtown Chilliwack
Inaugural Chilliwack Mass Ride And Roll
Stan Freyman Memorial Ride On Canada Day Fun

Ride To Chilliwack From Vancouver:

Gather At 8am, For 9am Departure Breakfast
At Bons Restaurant (Broadway At Nanaimo)
Thursday, June 30th

.. .. .. .. ..
SOME OF US WILL RIDE ALL THE WAY from vancouver to chilliwack on thursday june 30th. this 100km ride will be no tea party - but tea will be served - over the course of the ~8hr ride. *note* that a support fossil burning dinosaur pace car will be able to pack some of your gear {the ride meeting place will be bons restaurant, NOT trout lake as previously announced}

oo oo oo oo oo
for those who don't want to ride all the way to chilliwack, you can take skytrain as far as braid station, the westcoastexpress in the evening as far as
mission, or the #701 bus to maple ridge and ride the rest of the way.
greyhound buses also travel to chilliwack and they'll carry your
bike {for $$$ 604-482-8747}

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RIDERS headed out to chilliwack are welcome to camp at the freyman's farm, 5 acres just outside of chilliwack {9670 armstrong}. we will provide food and drink on the evening of the 30th - otherwise folks are on their own {self sufficient camping with access to shower and a toilet}

ON FRIDAY, we will gather at 11 am in chilliwack. we'll meet at the 5-corners downtown, the intersection of young and yale, in front of the courthouse clock. we'll ride through the town! after the ride people are welcome to remain at the farm for the rest of the weekend and to hike, swim, canoe and hang around.

This first ride is in honour of STAN FREYMAN, a local Chilliwack resident who passed away in January. Stan was an inspiration to all self-propelled travellers. After he retired, Stan became concerned about global climate change and made changes to his lifestyle. He sold his s.u.v. and bought a more fuel efficient car, rode his bike all over Chilliwack and took the bus for long trips. He dreamed of a Chilliwack critical mass ride. Stan was living proof that it is never too late to change. With this ride we honour his commitment to life long learning and his efforts to improve the world in simple and practical ways
. . . o o O O -----------------------------------------.
please be sure to RSVP for the Vancouver Ride: o
8 OR phone Liz at 604! 873-->3877

older story with poster:


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