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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Many More Pictures

Here are many more photo links that people have posted in the comments of previous entries.

  • Flickr has images that can be viewed as a slideshow and many catagorised as vancouver critical mass
  • 'clubtread' A discussion forum and some pictures also.
[Amusing to read the perspectives of car drivers. Some driver says that the environmentalism of CM makes sense but not the public space issues... 1... 2... 3... Yes Mr cooped up genius driver man, Public Space is the environment we share. There is a theoretical global environment that we can talk big about and there is a real local space, that gutter the cyclists get designated to ride in... Escape your cage and feel the world with your feet, you'll notice that cars are not a benign environmental presense in the concrete local world]
  • Photos and commentary from the guy that gives out the free recycled batteries!
  • Apparently there is even a Flickr Vancouver Critical Mass pool or group of photos! I think they will host your photos for free so take advantage, maybe we need a more permanent link there.
  • There are even other Vancouver bike photos like Sailor's Pedal Tank at the Commercial Drive Chopper Fest/Street Party! Many photos by 'Doviende'
  • Tony Proudfoots Photos
[If you have any more photo links post them in this thead -Thanks]


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