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4 more posters for friday

I've made 4 more posters for the June 24 [friday] 2005 wheels critical mass. Velolove email is still down and will be until after the ride because we have to move servers so please tell people you know yourself, bring all your friend! Print these posters and plaster the city. We can do it! The last few days before the ride are the best time to invite people anyway so if people make a big effort this week we can really have 2000 wheels on friday! And it is supposed to be sunny and warm. And there is going to be new choppers and the mobile, pedal powered dance machine sound system, improved since last year.

More details about the ride for new massers in the older blog entries below, there are also 3 other amazing poster designs at the bottom of that entry by bev and david.

Print and Propagate! Feel free to modify,
YOU are the Critical Mass organiser:
these top 2 are meant to be
printed on 11x17 paper and
then cut in half lengthwise.
this is for 8.5x11 normal size paper
This is 8.5x11 cut into quarters
^^^Click on the pictures to link with large 300-400dpi
PDF format image [for your printer]
You need something like Adobe Acrobat to view and print which you can download free.

Like last year, it will probably be too big a crowd for everyone at the beginning of the ride to hear the announcements from a megaphone. So, I've re-done the 'CMrules' [there are no rules] flyer I made last year which explains the ride for new people. I made it into a PDF which you can print out into a quarter size sheet handbill. [Don't forget to photocopy doublesided reverse so both sides information is there] Of course, the announcements are open to everyone and xerocracy flyers also, so please make your own non-rules up, print, distribute. Here are the text files that I used: 1 and 2


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