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Chilliwack Critical Mass July 1st

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Event Details:

Stan Freyman Memorial Ride
Chilliwack's First Critical Mass Ride

When : Friday, July 1st (Canada Day) at 11AM

Where: Meet at 5-corners downtown, Young and Yale under the courthouse clock.

What : Critical Mass is leisurely group bike ride and skate that reclaims public road space. You are invited to enjoy the safety and comfort in the car-free space that we create by simply riding together! Critical Mass rides have been taking place in Vancouver on the last Friday of the month for many years and some of the folks who are involved in Vancouver's Critical Mass will be there to help. Costumes, musical instruments and kids of all ages are welcome to join!

This ride is in honour of Stan Freyman, a local resident who passed away in January. Stan was an inspiration to all human powered people. Five years after he retired Stan became concerned about global climate change and began to make changes to his lifestyle. He sold his SUV and bought a more fuel efficient car, he began to ride his bike in Chilliwack and took the bus whenever possible for longer trips. He dreamed of a Chilliwack Critical Mass Ride. Stan was a living testament to the adage that it is never too late to change. With this ride we honour his commitment to life long learning and his efforts to improve the world in simple and practical ways.

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