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Wouldn't this be great?


  • At 1:51 pm, August 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that would be awesome! Just to see it.

    Sometimes I want to make a sticker that says "bikelanes suck" for my bike.

    Bikelanes don't really protect anything or make people safer. They just cost money and give politicians an excuse to pretend they are doing something. Did you hear of the CM in Portland where cops pushed bikers off the road into the bike lanes? Detractors of Mass in Vancouver, point to all of the bike routes/lanes [hilariously] and say: what's the problem? As if the parkinglot bike route of Heather Street has any value for us. Sometimes riding on Broadway [flat fast and direct] angry motorists tell me to go to get off the road and go to the bike route.

    I listen to them about as much as motorists listen to us when we say "stop cutting through the bike route and using the signal crossings as a shortcut across town"

    Forester of effective cycling fame is very opposed to such cycling facilities as bike lanes because they provide a false sense of security which endangers cyclists by not helping them maintain a healthy level of alertness and caution.

    I'm not really so opposed to them though, just cynical. I do think the real positive contribution they make is in visibility and making motorists aware that we are required to be accomodated by them, even if a few interpret it as a ghetto we aren't supposed to leave. That visibility is very important for everyone, even cyclists. I have heard of lots of complaints about bike lanes that cut off or are inadequately designed. This is good because it gives focus and agitates people to action. If there were no bike lane cyclists would be less likely to take ownership of the road and lobby for improvements.

    That's what i think about bike lanes.

    I think the switching of places of the bike lane/car lane thing would really highlight a lot of the realities for people.

    It's important to not be too complacent about bike lanes and be satisfied by them.


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