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august CM virgo

So a bunch of people have been planning this theme for august after party.

I'm not sure how this fits with the hurrican climate change themes those americans are asking us to promote. Oh well. I don't really 'get' the whole virgo/virgin idea. Never thought much of grouping people by birthday. But I think they have put a lot of energy into it, it will be a rad party even if the concept is strange.

Here is a downloadable flyer
A wall poster

Velo Virgo --- Critical Mass After party --

A celebration of bicycles, Virgo's and all their friends.
pizza, bands, dj's, movies, bike Art and much more dancing.

Bands and Performers: Carnival Band, Timothy Wisdom (Dj), U.F.O.M.P, The Happy Workers, Ian Patterson ( Visuals ), and the notorious booth of 4 options !!!!!

$3 if you are a virgin or come dressed as one.
$5 otherwise.
For inspiration here are some names of famous virgins.
- The Virgin Mary - (The most famous of them all)
- Britney Spears - ( She was a virgin until her wedding night, wow !!)
- Sir Isac Newton
- and lets not forget all the eunuchs of the world (not worth saving
$2 at the door for this !!!)

Anza club (#3 West 8th)

Friday August 25th after Critical Mass

8pm >>> 1:30am

Audio PSA

Velo fusion is a community fun and fund raiser project. Any money
raised will go back to supporting community and bike related projects.


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