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Sol's July '06 CM Pictures + Thoughts

This year's July CM apparently had a turnout of over 1800 people!

Beginning (courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

I participated last year but, this year I took a much more active role, bungee-cording a guitar amp on the back of my bike and plugging it into an iPod, thereby providing tunes for the ride.

Faithful Steed (courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

This year's mass was a huge turnout. I got great feedback for the music - many sang along, clapped hands, danced, grooved, and thanked me for it. We conquered downtown, Chinatown, parts of the East side, Gastown, the Burrard Bridge, the Georgia Viaduct, Stanley Park, and Jericho Beach. We even rode to the centre of Lion's Gate, stopped all traffic, and held an impromptu dance party.

Across the Bridge, Onto Kerrisdale (courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

As always at Critical Mass, the event was populated by crazy people like me with all sorts of innertube clothing, bike barbeques, 5-foot tall bikes, 5-foot long forks, and bright costumes.

Bike Planter (courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

The evening ended with pro-bike, anti-hummer chanting, a relaxing grassy seat...

(courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

And a view of the beautiful sunset.

(courtesy David Kauffman 06/30/06)

Critical Mass is all that my teenage needs for both acceptance and rebellion embody. The feeling cannot be described. It is what our drug use and clique system vainly attempt to emulate. You can implicitly trust anyone to watch your bike while you duck into the bathroom. You can sing along to your favorite music without fear of ridicule (in fact, many may join in). Nobody is showing off or lonely brooding. Everyone takes turns with the responsibility of stopping traffic, leading the head, and leading chants without any conflict. The fact that you can merely show up on a bicycle (or longboard/skateboard/scooter/tricycle/unicycle/wheelchair) and be instantly accepted into a thousand-strong group of generally like-minded individuals is baffling in a society forged in seperation.

At moments like these you gain a better appreciation for things. Altering your viewpoint for a different experience would be silly when there is so much to gather from our beautiful world as it is.

See you next CM!


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