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Velolove Announcements: Bike Month Rides, Parties, and Festivals

Velolove Announcements!

1. Bike Month is here!
2. MC3 Ride
3. World Naked Bike Ride
4. MAXeMOM Party
5. MOMENTUM Post Natal Meeting
6. Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival
7. Notorious EastVan Chopper Festival
8. June Critical Mass: 2000+5 Wheel Ride
9. July 1 Ride To Chilliwack


Bike Month is here!!!

Check out the online Bike Month Calendar at:

To submit an entry to the calendar go to or click on the plus sign on the day you want to add the event. It's a moderated calendar so events will not be displayed until they are approved which could take a couple of days.


Friday, June 10

Margaret Charles Chopper Collective (MC3) Ride

Vancouver's freak art bike collective invites you to take a ride with this post-apocolypitic gang of velomutation riders starting at 6:30pm at the Science World gazebo, 1455 Quebec St, and featuring new choppers built at PedelPlay's boneyard. ALL WELCOME


Saturday, June 11

The World Naked Bike, the craziest and most fun'est of all the events on the planet earth will be happening June 11th. Naked and colour clad cyclists will be challenging conformity in cities across the World.
Amsterdam, Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, London, Spain, Montreal, Belgium and countless others will be streaking through news headlines and making life on this planet a lot more colourful.

The World Naked Bike ride is a protest against car culture. It's time to put a stop to the indecent exposure of people and the planet to cars and the pollution they create. According the United Nations close to a million species of plants and animals could disappear from the face of the earth in the next 50 years as a
result of green house gasses being released primarily from cars.

Unless we change direction we are likely to land up were we are heading.

The Vancouver ride starts 3 pm at Sunset Beach (Beach Avenue at Bute). The theme for Vancouver is masquerade.

After party at Open Studios, 252 East 1st Avenue in Vancouver (see below)

The World Naked Bike Ride is an international celebration of the power and individuality of our bodies as well as a protest against oil dependency. All cyclists, roller bladers, joggers and skate boarders are invited to attend. The dress code is bare as you dare. The decision as to how naked participants are is determined by ride participants.

For more information and other start locations:


Saturday, June 11


Come celebrate the re-launch of MOMENTUM Magazine at Open Studios, 252 East 1st Avenue with DJ Goulash, Corrior, Taal Mala and Sven Torpedo.

Featuring pedal-powered cocktails, performance by Luxotica and fabulous bike-themed visuals by Marriane Bos and Rena del Pieve Gobbi.

Doors at 9:00 pm. Tickets are $12.00 (available at Bikes on the Drive).
This party is co-sponsored by BikeBox and will also celebrate the launch of Max de Druck Swiss-made bike trailers.


Sunday June 12

Please join us for a MOMENTUM Magazine post natal content meeting.

4:00 pm at Amy's house.

Light, healthy munchies will be provided.

These meetings are a great source of feedback, brilliant brain-storming, inspiration and fun. Come and participate in the making of MOMENTUM!

Please RSVP at or 604-255-9689.

Thanks, you rock!


Sunday, June 19

Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival
Noon to 6 pm

Rumours that we plan to rip up the Drive and plant it are unsubstantiated, although it is true that all of the jackhammers at A&B Tool Rental have been mysteriously reserved for that day. Please bring seeds.

Details at:

This Fest is gonna be off the hook. We've got 8 blocks of Car-Free Drive, 4 stages, are expecting gazillions of people, and WE NEED HELP!

If there's anything specific you would like to do or have experience in or resources to offer, such as...

-event organization
-roving performer
-graphics or promotion
-community outreach
-creative visualizer
-video or still photo documentation
-liaison with merchants or organizations
-on-site volunteer (info, security, donation-gathering, marshalling, setup/teardown, etc.)...

OR you "just wanna help", please e-mail for, yes, info... or to offer your gifts.

In joy!
Carmen and the crew


Sunday, June 19

This year, the notorious EastVan Chopper Fest (4th Annual) is happening in conjunction with the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival.

The Drive will be closed to car and bus traffic between First Ave and Venables for the entire afternoon... for a big community party in the street! PedalPlay is presenting the EastVan Chopper Fest as part of the event, with support from the Margaret Charles Chopper Collective. and

If you haven't been to an EastVan Chopper Fest before, chopper riders from Vancouver and beyond bring their bikes out for people to ride. Watch spectators get drawn into the action, wobbling and laughing their way down the street on wonky and stylish wheels. Kids and people of all ages love this event! Also featured is the PedalPowered Sound system and PedalPowered fresh fruit smoothies.

We are looking for about 2 dozen volunteers who want to be involved. Volunteers need to agree to one two-hour shift, sometime between noon and 6 pm on June 19th. Volunteer jobs are, greeting people, helping with bikes and bike maintenance, making fresh fruit pedal-powered smoothies, encouraging people to ride the bikes which power the sound system.

Volunteer rewards (aside from being involved in this showcase of positive bike culture):
Cheap pedalpower T-shirts (black with option of sleeveless), yummy smoothies on June 19th, and an after party for festival organizers and volunteers.

To volunteer, please contact RedSara at


2000 + 5 WHEEL RIDE
Friday, June 24

PLEASE FORWARD}}} } } } } } } } }
. |
. |
beat the heat,
treat yourself
to a party in the street!

Meet 5-5:30pm leave 6pm ish
georgia st side. vancouver art gallery downtown
[on the side w/ the lions]

. o o o Free. a gigantic rolling street party, the biggest in vancouver
ever. yes, we need over 1000 riders. on friday, june 24th, 2000+5, meet
5:30pm at the vancouver art gallery, georgia st. side, downtown. 1002.5
bicycles, 501.25 skateboards, 240.5 rollerblades, 250.625 rollerskates,
501.25 wheelchairs, 668.3 tricycles, 2005 unicycles, 6015 cycleboats,
1496 chopper bikes, 60 million bc dinosaurs against fossil fuels, 777
pedal powered couches... all human power welcome, bring all your friends.
bring your family. enjoy safety and comfort in the car-free space that we
create by simply riding together.

Finish of june bike month right, we ARE traffic!!!

[[[ ]]]
[[[ ]]]

Post ride picnic at sunset beach after the ride. bring food, refreshment a


Friday, July 1st
[First Friday Of The Month]


11am, 5 Corners, Downtown Chilliwack
Inaugural Chilliwack Mass Ride And Roll
Stan Freyman Memorial Ride On Canada Day Fun

Ride To Chilliwack From Vancouver:

Gather At 8am, For 9am Departure Breakfast
At Bons Restaurant (Broadway At Nanaimo)
Thursday, June 30th

.. .. .. .. ..
SOME OF US WILL RIDE ALL THE WAY from vancouver to chilliwack on thursday
june 30th. this 100km ride will be no tea party - but tea will be served -
over the course of the ~8hr ride. *note* that a support fossil burning
dinosaur pace car will be able to pack some of your gear {the ride meeting
place will be bons restaurant, NOT trout lake as previously announced}

oo oo oo oo oo

For those who don't want to ride all the way to chilliwack, you can
take skytrain as far as braid station, the westcoastexpress in the evening
as far as mission, or the #701 bus to maple ridge and ride the rest of the
way. Greyhound buses also travel to chilliwack and they'll carry your
bike {for $$$ 604-482-8747}

00 00 00 00 00

RIDERS headed out to chilliwack are welcome to camp at the freyman's farm,
5 acres just outside of chilliwack {9670 armstrong}. we will provide food
and drink on the evening of the 30th - otherwise folks are on their own
{self sufficient camping with access to shower and a toilet}


ON FRIDAY, we will gather at 11 am in chilliwack. we'll meet at the
5-corners downtown, the intersection of young and yale, in front of the
courthouse clock. we'll ride through the town! after the ride people are
welcome to remain at the farm for the rest of the weekend and to hike,
swim, canoe and hang around.

__o __o __o __o __o
_`\<,_ _`\<,_ _`\<,_ _`\<,_ _`\<,_
(_)/ (_) (_)/ (_) (_)/ (_) (_)/ (_) (_)/ (_)

This first ride is in honour of STAN FREYMAN, a local Chilliwack resident
who passed away in January. Stan was an inspiration to all self-propelled
travellers. After he retired, Stan became concerned about global climate
change and made changes to his lifestyle. He sold his s.u.v. and bought a
more fuel efficient car, rode his bike all over Chilliwack and took the
bus for long trips. He dreamed of a Chilliwack critical mass ride. Stan
was living proof that it is never too late to change. With this ride we
honour his commitment to life long learning and his efforts to improve the
world in simple and practical ways.

. .
o o
O O -----------------------------------------.
please be sure to RSVP for the Vancouver Ride:
8 OR phone Liz at 604! 873-->3877

.PDF. printable poster for Chilliwack Critical Mass:



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