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pepper spray incident

Anonymous said...

If you were pepper sprayed today (June 24) or if you witnessed the spraying at Davie and Denman, please contact Ken at 604-729-1741. We are looking for witnesses and others interested in pressing charges against the people in the vehicle.

Police have the spray can, license number, car type, and identification information of the individuals.

8:19 PM, juin 24, 2005


  • At 4:40 pm, June 25, 2005, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Please email your reports to Ken at

    What is required is:
    - Full name
    - Phone number
    - Home address (if comfortable sending it)
    - Description of what happened to you
    - Could you identify the people if you saw them again?
    - Do you want to charge them with assault?

    The police file number is 159821. The officer who attended the
    original call at David and Denman is Const. Boucher, 604-717-3349,
    PC#2205. Thank you to Const. Boucher for following up on this. Too often road rage violence and threats against cyclists are just brushed off as inevitable or, worse, our own fault.


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